Energy Platform

The Aalto University Energy Platform is designed to initiate and coordinate multi- and interdisciplinary research that support synergy within the field of sustainable energy solutions.

Many departments in Aalto University have a long tradition of research and teaching in the field of energy. Therefore we have ca. 25 professors that are solely focused on energy research and they obtain competitive research funding annually more than EUR 10 million. Every year over 80 Masters and a dozen Doctors graduate in the field of energy. Additionally, more than 30 professors are strongly contributing in the field. In our focus, energy meets information, materials and society.

The Platforms and their agendas are born through a bottom-up process, and aim on concrete benefits of the participating actors. One of the main purposes is to facilitate and strengthen the industry-academia collaboration and to increase the internal cooperation within the University. The Platform organises several thematic meetings annually and serves as an Energy Channel of the Aalto University gathering up the energy-related research and activities.

If you have any suggestions, ideas or questions related to the field, please contact us.



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